Frequently asked questions

Q: What skills are needed to make plantation shutters using this system?
A: The extensive set of tools, jigs and templates makes the process simple, so only basic handyman ability and know-how is needed.

Q: How much workspace is needed?
A: The minimum workspace needed is the size of a single garage.

Q: What other tools are needed?
A: Dropsaw, tablesaw, router table, drill press and power drill as a minimum.

Q: Am I given a list of suppliers for all the materials used?
A: Yes. All the suppliers of consumable materials are listed in the Manual so you can be completely independent if you want.

Q: What support is provided with the package?
A: As well as a comprehensive full colour instruction manual, hands-on instruction in the process is provided plus ongoing mentor support and guidance.

Q: How accessible is the ongoing support?
A: Ongoing support is readily available seven days a week.

Q: How much training is required?
A: One full day hands-on training gives you all the skills you need get started.

Q: Is there a warranty on the package of Tools, Jigs and Templates?
A: Yes. A twelve month warranty applies.

Q: Are different shutter styles covered?
A: Yes. Both centre control rod as well as concealed control rod, along with six different blade profiles are included in the package.

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